The Fruits of Our Labor

July 25, 2010

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Vacations…no school…heat exhaustion…poolside lounging?

I am a big fan of summer (Don’t get me wrong…winter and the coolness that it brings is well received too!). One thing that comes to mind when summer pops into my head is the bright yellow ball way up high in the sky beating down upon the wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables that people are eagerly growing.

Yes, Mr. Sun...I'm talking about you!

Be it home gardens or corporate farms, the availability of fresh produce is quite bountiful. I have always wanted to start up a garden, but sticking some grape vines in my dorm room was never very appealing. However, this summer, my roommate and I hopped to it and started up a garden with spaghetti squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Spaghetti squash in the making...

The fruits of our labor.

There is something special about going into your backyard and picking a fresh tomato to add to your meal. Suddenly, that meal is taken to a new level. You bite into those tomatoes with pride. 🙂 I could swear that they taste better, but it might just be because I nurtured them from a little seedling to a bright red beauty and am now reaping the benefits.

Sweet Summertime!

Better yet, my roommate has a peach tree in her backyard that has been there since the dinosaurs walked the earth (maybe…you can’t be too sure). When I discovered this attribute, I was eager to move in and get my hands on some of these fresh, juicy peaches. If only some of you lived closer…There are so many peaches, we could feed an army.

Peaches in the morning, Peaches in the evening, Peaches at suppertime...

What are your favorite summer fruits? I love strawberries and blueberries in the summer. They pair so nicely with a cold bowl of cereal, a fluffy stack of pancakes, a creamy bowl of greek yogurt or a crisp salad.

What is currently growing in your garden? In about a month, my answer to that question will be “nothing”… Unless, of course, I sneak some seeds into the puny little garden by the emergency exit of my dormitory when no one is looking. Hmm…Well, at least I am bound to see plenty of inedible beauty…

Feed your senses.

One comment

  1. oh i am sooo jealous of those peaches girl! nothin’ like em fresh off the tree 😀

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