This Formulatin’ Foodie is Nutz

September 8, 2010
I’ve been doing a bit too much formulatin’ and not enough foodie-in’ since school has started and it’s time to get things back in order. I’d like to have my cake and eat it too, ya know?

This is probably illegal in at least 5 states. Thankfully, mine is not one of them.

I have been diving into my studies and loving every minute of it. Chemistry, Science and anything that ties back to the star of the show (aka food) is well worth my time and effort. You see, all of this knowledge will be my key to success when it comes time for me to make my way in the food industry (which is approaching faster than anyone could have imagined!). One day, I hope to create something as cool as “powdered guilt free peanut butter enjoyment”. Of course, I wouldn’t be spending too much time on that particular product because that’d be comparable to writing a term paper when you have already turned it in. Who does that? Noone.

Meet: The term paper that has already been turned in.

I was sent some samples of FitNutz Peanut Butter Mix to review and I was a bit baffled by the concept… Peanut Powder, Granulated Peanuts, Sugar and Salt compose the fine mixture that you see below:

Powdered Peanut Butter. Too cool.

 Now, it suggests that you add 2t of water and enjoy your guilt-free peanut butter, but I went a different route because: 

A. I am not eating this to be guilt free, I’m eating it because it’s powdered peanut butter and the foodie from within needs to try it.
B. I’m a rebel I’m creative and following directions on food packages is just too easy.

Okay, so I didn’t toss this little peanutty package into my latest grilled cheese sandwich that I only wish I could make on the george foreman grill that the dorms will not allow me to have. My deviation from the norm was a bit more subtle… 

Yogurt was my partner in crime.

 Plain yogurt doesn’t make my sweet tooth very happy, even when powdered peanuts are involved, so I threw some brown sugar into the mix for good measure. 

I wonder if I could have made a sandcastle?

 After a thorough stir, a light brown, creamy cloud awaited me. 


Fruit and yogurt are like two peas in a pod, so sliced bananas seemed like a necessary addition. 

Bananas and Peanut Butter are a killer combo. Just ask Elvis.

Okay, so what’s the verdict? 

Well, this gluten free, shelf stable, trans fat free, all natural (Am I sounding like an infomercial yet?), “guilt-free” peanut butter mix sure does know how to deliver, as far as flavor goes. If you are attempting to add peanut butter flavor to a smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal, etc, then I think that FitNutz is the way to go. It makes for a much more homogeneous mixture and you are presented with a very thorough and all natural peanut butter attribute. I’m not so sure that this would ever replace the real deal, but I fell in love with these yogurt mixes so much that I used up all of the samples I was sent without ever trying the mix simply combined with water. I also never got to toss it into my cereal and see how peanut butter milk tastes (Chocolate milk is a winner! Why has noone given peanut butter milk a whirl?…Hmm, perhaps that will be my first assignment on my first day of the job…). 

Ah well, perhaps you guys will have to purchase one of the Trio Sample Packs for $2.25 (S&H incl.) and let me know how it goes. You see, in a college student’s mind, $2.25 can buy you 9 scantrons, 2 blue books or a small smoothie to get you through that unforseen long night. One day, $2.25 will become just another dollar in the bank; but until then… 

If you could go into a fully stocked Research and Development kicthen and whip up some oddly delicious concoction, what would it be? Personally, I’d have to explore the idea of peanut butter milk.

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