Search beyond what you see…

September 10, 2010
How many different things have you eaten in the past two weeks? Do you even remember what you ate two weeks ago? Two days ago? More pertinently, how many of those things did you really think about before eating? Food is fuel. Think about going to the gas station. You decide to spend money on gas and depending on your current credit card balance and overall budget that you have set for yourself, you opt to fill your hungry transportation vehicle with the regular stuff or the premium variety. In the same way, you make decisions on what to feed your own hungry stomach. I don’t always pump the premium stuff into my little 4-door car (actually, barely ever) and I also don’t always fill my stomach with the most premium and tip-top ingredients out there.
I like to have my cake and eat it to.

What you see: My surprise birthday cake from my sneaky roommate!

However, I am going to challenge us to look at our food choices today for more than what they appear to be. The good, the bad and the deliciousness…acknowledge it all!

Caffeine >> Stimulant>> Brain Waves >> Smiles ūüôā >> Dubbed a Dork for Getting up at 5:30am to read Chemistry

What you see: A peaceful morning, learning more about my steamy brew.

Vibrance>> Cheery>> Protein + Carbs >> Satiety>> Workout>> Muscle fuel

What you see: Scrambled eggs atop a quartet of mini waffles

¬†Protein + Carbs (a killer combo) >> Soluble Oat Fiber>> Heart Health>> Mono and Poly Unsaturated Fats>> Happy Heart ‚̧

What you see: Peanut butter simply adorning a fluffy bowl of oats.

Convection>> Radiation>> Baking Powder>> 6th Grade Science Experiments

What you see: Cuppin's (more on these later)

ALA Omega 3 Fatty Acids>> Healthy Snack>> Wandering from my studies>> Thinking about Ice Cream>> Opening the Freezer>> Consoling my Sweet Tooth>> Walnuts on top for good measure>> Satisfaction>> Resume Studying

What you see: California Walnuts...and a stress ball. The perfect combo for a late night study session.

¬†Yellow!>> Vitamins C>> Thinking about Oranges now>> Thinking about how to incorporate oranges into a dessert>> Wondering if I can overdose on Vitamin C>> Remember that Vitamins DEAK are fat soluble>> Excess Vitamin C is water soluble>> Oranges over chocolate ice cream has formulated in my mind>> Realize that I am an ice cream addict>> **My thoughts about food go on and on…I’ll stop here for this one!**

What you see: Squash fresh from the mandoline.

Ahh, Another morning>> A banana every morning for the past two years (Give or take a day) >> Potassium>> Wonder if this is why I have never had a Charlie Horse?!

What you see: Bananas...and more caffeine. College student here. Remember that. ūüėČ

VITAMINS GALORE>> Microwave>> Reduction of Vitamins?>> Pop a vitamin pill>> Enjoy a vibrant dinner.

What you see: A rainbow of "zapped" frozen veggies.

Think about 6th grade or think about ALA omega-3 fatty acids…I simply¬†challenge you to look past the obvious nature of your eats today. What nutrients, stimulants, benefits, drawbacks, memories, etc does each bite carry with it? To know this, you need to understand the components of each product. That’s another thing that you should practice looking into on a regular basis.

Sure it’s a pizza… but not all pizzas are created equal. Remember that because it will make your eating experience that much more interesting.

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