Frozen Fake-out

September 20, 2010
When I used to have basic amenities like a kitchen, a food processor and free time, I was quite the master in the kitchen. Granted, I do some crazy stuff in this little kitchen-less dorm of mine; but the masterpiece that you are about to lay eyes on is one of the many creations that I long to create again.

Looks like a delectable ice cream treat. 🙂

 Chocolate ice cream with cookies. Or is it?! Of course it’s not. What a boring post! Well, boring unless we had taste-o-vision. I’ll be first in line for that innovation.

Until then, grab 3 bananas, cocoa powder and a sweet treat to bring it all together. A food processor is also necessary. If you don’t have one, go get one. I’ll wait.

Okay good. We are ready to go.

Mash your bananas together on a plate and divide in half, portioning the mushed bananas into two bags.

This doesn't look very appetizing... read on!

 Flatten said bags and freeze overnight. Or until hard (6 hours or so…I’ve never really clocked it).

Limited dishes now...Pay the piper later.

 When the long awaited time comes to an end, break the banana brick into hunks and throw it in the food processor, like so:

Whip out the heavy artillery!

 Here’s where the cocoa powder comes into play:

Dump in some cocoa powder...the more the merrier!

 Put the lid on, switch it into the on position and let ‘er roll!

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

 Don’t lose faith in your handy machine. Just chill for a sec. 🙂

This is when you know it's ready.

 Mix in your sweet treat by hand (or whip it into place with the razor sharp blades).

Sky's the limit here...

 ENJOY! Oh, prepare the other bag when you really want to impress someone. Or just contemplate what kind of “ice cream” you want to make tomorrow next.

A cute bowl is a must.

Off to write a lab report and day dream about banana bricks being whipped into pure bliss.

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