January 8, 2011

Dorm food gets a bad rep…and most of the time for a good reason. Greasy pizza, less than hygienic servers, limited options…Sure, sometimes I brave the dining halls and sometimes they have decent options; but sometimes I resort to frozen foods and all of the time I tap my heels together and wish I was in a kitchen (and sometimes that transports me to Kristen’s fully stocked kitchen). But today, my little red shoes are just not doing the trick and I am left reading the back of this Lean Cuisine Bacon Alfredo Pizza Box. It might not be delivery, but it’s also not Digiorno.

The crust, while missing that fresh-from-the-oven crunch, was not tough in the least…simply soft, yet firm enough to stand up to the plethora of toppings that were piled on top. Melty mozzarella, limp juicy diced tomatoes, bright green spinach, little bits of red onion and the bacon that immediately makes a dish that much better were equally sprinkled over a thin layer of creamy…

Okay, it’s been 5 minutes since this little personal pan pizza emerged from the microwave and the edges of the crust have crisped up quite nicely. 🙂 Perhaps I should abide by the “let sit in microwave after cooking” part of the directions, which I always seem to skillfully overlook. But that might detract from the little rebellion that I do have…that and listening to the flight attendants give their speech on how to use the overhead mask and rip your seat cushion off as a floatation device…two things that I outwardly defy. 

It feels good to get that off my chest.

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