Good Morning!

January 15, 2011

I woke up really late today…7:45am, to be exact. Yea, I’m one of those people who get up before the crack of dawn… I’ll spare you the actual time. As you can only imagine, breakfast is one of my favorite meals. Are you one of those people who skip breakfast? I’ll never understand you. In fact, sometimes I have two breakfasts. There is always one guy who accompanies me in the morning, no matter what numbers the clock may be displaying and he goes by the name of…

Whether it is 4:30 or 7:30, breakfast is the first thing on my mind when I pop out of bed. This morning I opened the freezer to find these Kashi Blueberry Waffles. Hmm, I wonder why I bought these?! Wait, there it is…that magic little word.

Pumpkin pie spice is in my house dorm all year long. Add it to coffee grounds, sprinkle over waffles, mix it into yogurt… It’s simply delicious. 🙂

When people start giving you food…because they have heard you talk about it and rave about it and…you are a declared foodie. You are also probably well fed.

Almond Joy Coffee Creamer. Thank you International Delight. I usually gravitate towards the Breve Cream varieties, but COME ON…I couldn’t pass this up. It does have me searching for a candy bar at the wee hours of the morning because some talented food photographer and/or fancy schmancy computer program made that photo on the front appear so tempting. I half-expected to pop open the blue flip-top and have bite sized bits of almond joy come pouring out. Hmm…There’s an idea.

I have coffee every morning. There is no exception. Two days ago, I left this mug at work and woke up to…no coffee mug. I was fully prepared to march downstairs in my PJs and politely ask the dining hall if they could spare a styrofoam cup. No need for any of their sub-par coffee…I made one last-ditch effort to dig through some boxes of old school stuff and eventually stumbled upon…my old coffee mug. Crisis averted. Whew.

Mr. Coffee works overtime…because I never skimp on my morning brew.

I know some people dislike coffee. That’s another thing I’ll never fully understand; but, hey, there is probably a liver and onions fan base out there who will never understand me. Maybe not.

Go make some breakfast… no matter what numbers the clock may be displaying.



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