Dinner Party Secret

January 18, 2011

I started on my physics homework last night…and then I finished. Funny thing was…finishing moreso entailed me choosing to go to sleep, despite the fact that the online computer program was still laughing at my face, displaying “Zero Completed”. Yea, I know, there’s no need to remind me. Any physics whiz-kids out there? I have decided that physics is not like normal science and you have to be a certified rocket scientist in order to succeed. I’m not a rocket scientist. I’m a food scientist. Let’s get on with my specialty, shall we?

Dole Apple Pear Fruit Crisp. Man, there it is again. Get’s me every time.


I had this treat a while back and have not purchased any since then, which is quite odd because it was really delicious. I wasn’t expecting too much. You know…my expectations were about as high as I would expect for those little yogurt cups that have a tablespoon of cookie crumbs that are lost forever once mixed into your yogurt and simply give your treat a deceiving cookies & creme hue. This was nothing like that. 🙂 The nutrition profile is even impressive; however, since I butchered this picture and you are all hurting your eyes trying to see it, let me direct you towards one that won’t deter you from scrolling down to see the remaining SCRUMPTIOUS photos…here.

I microwaved the little guy per instructions and then proceeded to take one insanely delicious study break. The granola concoction is fairly abundant for the size of the cup (which is also decent). Better yet, the granola has a little brown sugar coating going on that creates this sinful sweet crunch in your mouth. The fruit portion was soft, yet firm and completely surrounded by this sweet (but not overly so) thick syrup of sorts that combined with the crunchy oats and kept me coming back for more!

You might as well have scooped the desserts into cute little matching bowls and told me that you pulled this out of the oven after baking all day and rename it: Apple Pear Cobbler with a Crunchy Brown Sugar Oat Topping. Remember that at your next dinner party.

Back to the dreaded subject that has me completely perplexed. However, despite my initial stumbling blocks, I WILL succeed. Does that mean I will get my rocket scientist certification? Because that’d be pretty cool.



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